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Experiences Created by Us

Web Design

We’ve designed a website game for Expedia Group, a great trivia game for a Hotel Convention.

Game Development

LLama The Spitting Game is the first game launched by us. Just have fun with the Llama.

Game Design

A top-down shooter game, defend the earth from the invasion.

Web Design

Web design for a marketing campaign to increase sales. We increased sales by 15%.


Vompple is a mobile game about a bat, it has to jump and avoid obstacles.

Our Specialties

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Game Experiences for Social Events

We create videogames for festivals, conventions, fairs, and social events that you organize.

Like this:

Expedia Group game made by Wild Think Games

“We were searching for a way to engage with our partners at our most important event in the Caribbean. The game not only surpassed the expected participation but it also reinforced our position of being an innovative and technological company”

Alba López

Marketing Manager – Expedia Group

Websites, Interactive Experiences
  • We can develop and improve your online presence.
  • Let’s increase your sales, in the end, it’s the main objective.
  • We are millennials and we know what we want.

“E-Commerce’s time savings and efficiency are here to stay”

Forbes quote pointing to an e-commerce article

E-Commerce Experiences
  • People like easy things and processes.
  • 1 Minute for people to find what they are looking for.
  • The first impression is key.Wild Think Games offer of the month is an E-Commerce Platform
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“There will be no business as usual”

Bloomberg quote pointing to an e-commerce article

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