The moment you trigger me, I hurt the ones you love, if you seek me, do it with care. I am so powerful I could destroy you inside. I am just a fantasy of the solution. What am I?

The video game industry is part of the entertainment industry, everything inside this industry is made for one purpose only, entertain. That’s it.

In the entertainment industry, people express their feelings and emotions through creativity. Singers sing about their lives, sometimes about any other thing they have in mind, yes, sometimes they say words that people won’t agree, but hey! that’s normal. Artists want to express their feelings and messages through their songs.

Actors are a representation of well designed fictional characters, they can make real a non-real personality created by a fantastic creative person that loves what he does and wants to share his message with the world. Is there something wrong with that?

The same happens in the video game industry, designers and artists want to share their message and talent, they create extraordinary worlds with characters that make you feel human, they make you feel the most complex emotions. And those are the best feelings, by playing games you can feel happy and in a matter of minutes you can feel sad, that’s the beauty, but you know what? It’s not real, there’s no way it can affect you personally.

That’s it, that’s all the entertainment industry does for you, you can like it, love it, be amazed by it, be in love with an imaginary world, or you can hate it, you can feel sad, you can feel attacked. That depends on the person experiencing the entertainment product.

It’s NOT REAL, please let’s not confuse real life with imaginary worlds, songs, characters, or any other form of entertainment. You are real, your family and friends are real, people you love are real, what you do with your life is real.

What the last of us part 2 teaches to humanity

Is revenge a solution?

Revenge definition: To inflict injury in return for.

It’s easy to say that The Last of Us part II is about revenge because that’s what it is, the plot is about revenge, Abby killed Joel and Ellie wants to kill her for that, it’s revenge, am I right?

This story goes far beyond that, it has a lot of meanings and truths about humanity, truths, and myths about the perfect friendship, or a perfect community, or a perfect life. You see, it’s the shortcomings, the flaws, the little imperfections that make us humans.

Believe this, The Last of Us part II makes us feel humans, it makes us realize that one simple decision can affect all our surroundings and directly affect our loved ones.

In a world with the characteristics of The Last of Us, people are more conscious, more helpful, more honest, there isn‘t an economy to fight for, or countries to govern. It’s you, your friends, and those who survived with you, you don’t want anything bad happen to them. They become your family.

If something bad happens to them you would feel horrible, and if that bad thing is caused by other people, I bet you would feel angry and, naturally, you would like to have sweet revenge.

When Abby and her friends killed Joel they were seeking revenge, and yeah, they thought they got it. There was a detail though, they didn’t know anything about Ellie and her friends, the revenge made Abby so blind that she didn’t think about the consequences of her actions.

There’s a whole world behind a person, it doesn’t matter who, every human being has a family, friends, and some people could depend on that person.

Abby didn’t just kill Joel, she hurt an entire community of honest people.

Ellie decided to find peace by avenging Joel’s murder, and like Abby, she didn’t think for a second about the consequences.

Both didn’t know each other’s circle of people, and certainly, they don’t know what they will lose, just for the sake of this revenge.

Ellie and Abby lost everything at the end, and not only their circle of people but they also lost themselves. They destroyed the meaning of their lives. The addiction for revenge consumed little by little every single part of their lives.

What the last of us part 2 teaches to humanity

What the game teaches us

Part of being a human is having feelings and emotions, we would be lost without them.

Life is precious, if you hurt someone you are hurting his world.

It’s easy to say that we care for people, it’s easy to say that we would die for our people, It’s even easier to say “I love you” to someone.

Words don’t have meaning. Actions do.

You could think that Ellie is doing the right thing, you could think it’s the perfect solution. I did it when I started playing the game. You could also think that Abby it’s a good idea to kill Abby and her friends, but you know what? You didn’t know them at first, is that correct?

You keep playing and you get to know more about Abby’s life and friends. You get to know the feelings and emotions of this group of people, you get to know the different personalities of that group.

Ok, Ellie killed every one of Abby’s friends, she destroyed her life. Abby goes to find Ellie and she killed Jesse, and almost killed Tommy. If it wasn’t for Lev, Abby would’ve killed Dina, but she left.

Ellie already had love, Dina. Don’t you think she was happy? At least when she was with Dina and her baby dancing around their house with the sheep and the fresh air?

Revenge (The answer to the riddle) acted like some slow poison, slowly destroying everything from Ellie’s life. Till finally her decision of revenge, killed her inside and destroy her life, leaving just pain behind.

What the last of us part 2 teaches to humanity

There are only two things left to say

We need to be grateful for what we have, in the end, we are alive and we have everything to be happy. Happiness is up to us.

Every person is a completely different world, respect that, no one thinks the same as you, respect life.

“Enjoy every day with kindness, loyalty, and wildness.”