Whenever you see the clock I am there,

I follow you every step of your way,

I only disappear once in a lifetime, what am I?

I’m writing these words at 00:35 on July 03 / 2020, I’m writing them on my computer with my fingers. You see? Time and space; going further, I am writing this article at home, with my lovely cat on my right, listening to some good old songs.

It’s all a matter of time and space, there’s not a right time or a bad time, it’s just time. It’ll always be.

It’s kind of different with space, you have absolute control of your space, you decide where you want to physically be. Let me guess, you are probably reading this article sited on your sofa while you are thinking in something else you need to do later, am I right?

There’s always so much to do in life, damn, right now I can name more than 15 things I should do this week, in fact, I should do them in the next couple of days.

I bet you do, right? Ok, this is what happens in video games, a game gives you rules, a game gives you an environment, a game controls your thoughts in a good way, and the most important, you control the game’s character.

You choose what to do in games, if you want to save someone or you want to throw a grenade to the bad guys, it’s up to you. The one thing I am sure, your decision is based on what you think is the right thing to do.

You stick with your decision and you move forward with no thoughts of what if or coming back. You seize the moment and most importantly, you enjoy the moment.

We usually think that we have a lot of time and we will do everything there is in our to-do lists, we think that we have superpowers and we can clean the car, cook lunch, cook dinner, work, feed the pet, reply emails, read 30 minutes, watch two episodes of a tv show, post this on Instagram, post that on Twitter, play the new game, and to be funny, sleep at 22:00 so you can get up early next day.

You know what? the hell you can’t, of course, you can! you are a superhuman, we all are, we have the power in our minds.

The problem is the following:

The moment you start doing something, instantly you begin to think about the next thing you will do, then you get distracted, so you grab your phone and start looking at your social media or your favorite news magazine. And just that took you around 10 or 15 minutes. That’s the problem, the only problem.

24 hours per day

  • 8 hours of sleep
  • 6 hours of work
  • 2 hours of cooking
  • 1.5 hours of eating
  • 30 minutes of reading
  • 2 hours of gaming (It’s a new game so it gotta be more than that, maybe 4? 😊)
  • 1.5 hours of Netflix (In most cases it’s more than that)
  • 1 hour of social media (Are you sure?)
  • 1 hour of messages and emails
  • 2 hours of family bonding
  • 1 hour of online courses
  • Total: 26+ hours

I mean, you can control your actions, not time. Let’s be real for a moment, you said you were going to read 30 minutes, you start at 20:00. In your mind, this is what actually is happening: after this, I am going to play some of that great game or I feel like having a pizza, maybe with a brownie for dessert?

You look at the clock and it’s 20:07, you haven’t read anything, and it passed 7 minutes, and naturally, the show goes on. You know it happened again, now you started to think about what kind of post I should publish later, maybe a good story or making a good joke on TikTok. The clock is now 20:15, you read until 20:30, then you think, should I stop? you didn’t read a lot and you couldn’t understand a lot of things. So you do the right thing and you start the process again. You finished reading at 21:02.

You lost 30 minutes and you didn’t fully enjoy reading, and the thoughts you had before… are gone. You don’t remember them anymore.

So let me tell you: We need to change this.

Passion for our lifes

The present (The answer to the riddle)

It’s the now that matters, it’s the present that really exists, it’s what you choose to do with your present what matters. Let’s seize everything we do, let’s live with passion, we are alive, if you watch a movie, enjoy it at it’s fullest, if you read, imagine every single detail. if you get mad at something, be mad and enjoy it, let it all out as long as you don’t hurt anyone if you feel sad, cry, but cry the hell out of it.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

– Mother Teresa

The past is not important, the future doesn’t exist, yes, you work and plan towards it.

The present, the present is now, and emotions are what make you a superhuman, nothing else does.

In the end, we are superhumans, we have the power, we decide how to feel and what do with the time and present.

Let’s live! Let’s feel! It’s a good life! YOUR ONLY ONE!

“Enjoy every day with kindness, loyalty, and wildness.”