You create your own happiness!

I am desired by all, I am everyone’s goal, I become real in your most precious memories, I can be felt whenever you decide. What am I?

Let’s Imagine this.

Video games give you abilities, rules, tools, and a story so you can complete missions, kill everyone, or score lots of points. It has always been like that and it always will.

Imagine you are playing a game in which you are an 18 years old boy, you’ve just finished high school and you are ready to go to an art college. You are passionate about music, and also you are a great guitar player.

The first-class presentation is ready to go and you’ll play your favorite song which in the game is “Bohemian Rhapsody”. You start moving the joystick up and down while pressing the right button so you can play the right note.

And there you are, enjoying the hell out of that song until everyone hears an explosion, you run away with your loved ones and you see a little alien coming towards your father, he took him away.

With that introduction you already know your mission, save your father.

Let’s be real

Now let’s talk about real life for a moment, right now, you have a mission don’t you? We all have one. Your mission could be as simple as feeding your pet or as hard as going into surgery to save one more life.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what you have and where you are, your life is filled with little missions, big missions, and enormous missions, you got me right?

Let’s put it this way, let’s go back to the game for a moment. You have to go to a certain planet where your dad is been held. It’s not that simple, you need to get a spaceship, weapons and you need to find clues to get to the aliens.

Then there is the rest of the world, people like you, which also lost someone because of the alien invasion, and they have the same mission, save their loved ones. Will they help you? Will you help them? Knowing that your father’s status is unknown?

The missions

You have a lot of spaceships choices, you can try them all and see which one fits your taste, you enjoy every one of them but you picked the fastest one over the largest one, let’s face it, we are all addicted to adrenaline.

What did you feel when you were trying the spaceships? It felt good right? You felt control over your messed up feelings and you were happy. You were dealing with the adrenaline rather than the voice inside your head telling you that your father is missing.

At this point you’ve got the following:

  • Enormous mission: Save your dad.
  • Big missions: Get a spaceship and get clues.
  • Little missions: Get weapons.
  • Optional missions: Help other people to find their loved ones.

There is no need to say that helping others, either in real life or in games gives you a good feeling because you made somebody happy and makes you feel happy about that.

You also felt good and happy testing those spaceships right? And you chose your preferred one.

Wild Think Games Playing Donk King Kong Classic Game

The choices

In Games, you are the one that decides every single action, an action to make you feel relief, an action to make you feel afraid, an action to make you feel powerful, and actions to make you feel happy.

You see, all those feelings come before you complete that enormous mission.

It’s the way you live what will make you happy, the way you choose your actions, the way you are with people, the way you appreciate the little moments of your life such as laughing and sharing good times with your family or eating your favorite food, those are the moments that define your happiness. It’s as simple as that.

Enjoy every small mission and big missions, and then you will be able to fulfill and be delighted when you complete your enormous mission.

Live your life like you are playing a video game, I promise you, it’ll shake up all your experiences and you will appreciate your life a lot more.


It’s the answer to the riddle at the headline, everyone desires happiness, but there are only a few that know that you can find happiness in everything and in everyone. You create your own happiness!

“Enjoy every day with kindness, loyalty, and wildness.”