To get to a place, you first have to know where to go. Knowing where your goal is you will find routes, shortcuts and yes, also obstacles, but finally, you will achieve your goal.

The importance of defining goals in life

Every day we wake up and start our day, we go out to study, to walk, to meet with friends, to eat to do personal activities, many do business, have web pages, work, or simply stay at home.

But why? If you think about the reason why you get up every morning and with effort and effort you do your activities and obligations, you will likely be slow to respond. And if you answered quickly, then it is very likely also that it is because you know what you really want and you are determined to fulfill it.

Defining a goal or several goals in life helps us to get on the right track.

Stablish objectives, Indie Game Development

Usually we start developing games like nobody could stop us, we think that making a schedule, set objectives, making projections, calculate budgets is useless at the very beginning of the process, but and as always there is always a but, do you really know how much time is going to take your team to finish a game? Do you how much money approx is the development going to cost? And of course the most important, do you know your milestones, objectives along the way? And at the end of the development?

We make games because is our passion, no doubts about it because making games is hard stupidly hard, we make games with a smile on our face, oh wait, bugs and errors take the smile off my face, but as soon we fix them I come even with a bigger smile on my face. And that’s nice and fun but we almost think of the objectives and goals of our games at last or in the middle way when we should make a whole plan since the beginning, believe me, it makes the whole process easier, make and schedule, from when to when you will work in the art, then the programming, I will do market research, after this I will work in the sound effects, and then I will start writing the marketing plan of how to sell my game. I assure you, if you create a project plan for your game it will be easier for everybody in your team and nobody will feel saturated or stressed because everything will run good.

Remember setting your goal in the first place, how many units of your game you want to sell, 10,000? And at what cost per unit? 10$ or your game will be free to download and have purchased inside the game? you need to specify that too.