Hey guys, Miguel here! Man, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post! Beli and I have been busy working on our game’s preview which, if you read his blog post, will be released on August 16. So yes, please please PLEASE *begging on knees* play our game’s preview when it comes out! After playing, let us know what you think so that we could improve on it.

Now, with the begging out of the way, let’s get on with the post!

Research, you say?

So, as the title suggests, Beli and I are conducting some research for our game. And by research, I mean playing other games! Not only does playing other games provide us with much more inputs (besides those you will be giving us once you finished playing the preview #ShamelessPlug), but it prevents us from getting saturated with work. (I mean, we get to play games! What’s not to like about it?!) Anyway, two games in particular – Limbo and Pinstripe – will be the focus of our research, as we’re looking on how to improve our gameplay mechanics, as well as implement new things for our game. Not to mention, just like our game, these games are 2D platformers, and great ones at that.

That’s right, research!

First, Beli and I are playing Limbo, which has an AWESOME art style despite only using black and white colors. The most important thing for me to research, however, is the gameplay since, as the lead developer, I’m in charge of implementing the mechanics for our game. Just an hour into the game and, I’ve got to say, the mechanics really work well with the overall feel of the game. I like how some of the traps (like the bear trap) are used in many different ways, and the character movement is smooth and tight (if that makes any sense? LOL!). The puzzles are also very well thought of and just one wrong move may cause death to the character. If there’s one thing that’s holding me back on playing the game, it’s… well… I don’t like horror-ish games because I get scared sometimes. (FINE, JUDGE ME ALL YOU WANT! I DON’T CARE! HAHAHAHA!) That’s why I play this game in the daytime because it was nighttime when I first played this game, which was an instant regret for me! But yeah, Limbo is an amazing game overall since it provides great input for our research, and I can’t wait to finish playing it! (Also so that I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming there’s a huge-ass spider chasing me in a dark forest of sorts!)

Speaking of finishing Limbo we still have to play Pinstripe, which is a game made by Thomas Bush, a game creator who also has amazing content on his YouTube channel. Like Limbo, I’m also gonna be focusing on getting inputs of the gameplay and/or mechanics, as it will be vital for the development of our game.

Okay, I’m gonna be playing Limbo… not now but tomorrow! Are you kidding me? It’s nighttime here in the Philippines, I wanna get some proper sleep!