Life Revisited – What you need to know about the game preview launching on 16/08/2019

Let’s begin by telling you this, we are so excited to announce you the development of our game “Life Revisited” a game created and developed by Wild Think Games.

August 16 of 2019 is a very important date for us, this is because we will make the first game preview to friends, family, and public in general, we will know how people are going to react about the game and with this we are going to choose the path that the development of “Life Revisited” is going to take.

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Love, Curiosity, and Kindness

These three feelings will rule the game, using them in different parts of the game will lead you to survive.


There are sometimes where you will be obligated to search for ways to discover the correct path.


Did you ever think about adventure being the fuel of our lives? It’s all about adventures, you wake up every day and run into an adventure, it can go good or wrong but it is still an adventure, so you better seize every single adventure of your life.

Dimensions… What about them?

Ooooh yeah, we will have fucking dimension changing! We will make the player immerse in the story and feel empathy with Love, Curiosity, and Kindness. The dimension changing will take an alternative point of view of the reality of each of us.

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