Hey guys, Miguel here!

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on the player mechanics for our game. Right now, though, I’m resting since I’ve been working so ha — Ummm, wait! I’m not working hard, I’m (trying to!) working efficiently. This doesn’t mean I don’t work hard – I work crazy hard, in fact – but I do so in the time I allot for doing my work. That way, I have more time to rest or, better yet, play games.

What happens when you work efficiently? You become good at managing time.

With that said, let me share some of the things I do when I don’t work – or at least when I’m finished with my work. But first, I might as well share some progress with regards to our game.

Progress Report (I think)

As of this writing, I’m working on improving the player (character) mechanics since, well, this gave me the most headache out of everything I’ve tried to test and implement this week. If you have played video games (if not, come on man!), then you’ve probably controlled some sort of character before regardless of the type/genre of that game. Well, believe it or not, coding a character requires a lot of skill and knowledge, and our player character is no exception. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that you’ll need knowledge of maths and physics (and you may have thought we wouldn’t need them in real life!) to have the character do simple things like walking, running, and jumping! With that said, the headaches are worth it once you get some of the bits and pieces working (I say “some” because I still have a lot of things to implement for this character).

Anyway, for our player character, I would say I already improved on some of its basics – apart from the usual walk, jump, and climb ladders – but here are some things that I would like to implement in the future such as (but not limited to):

  • Vine Swing
  • “Jumping” on ladders (like Mega Man, maybe)
  • Sliding down steep slopes

A snippet of the player mechanic code.

“Why not now?” Admittedly, while working on this game, I keep going back and forth with what I’ve learned from school because I forget things. LOL! As for the implementation of the items above, to be honest, I still have no idea how I’ll be able to do it but I’m also in the process of testing the mechanics so that I can implement them properly.

Also, ever since I started working on improving the player mechanics, Beli has been a huge help in helping me implement the other things for the game, which I’m not gonna spoil to you! LOL! I mean, come on, I already shared how I work on the player mechanics and anything else beyond that would probably spoil your experience of playing the game. So, sit tight for now!

So now that I’ve done my work for the day, what now?

Rest, because I deserve it for working – wait for it – efficiently. And errands like helping around the house.

Other than that, well, there’s video games of course! Currently, when there’s no work to do, Beli, Pranav, and I would play Apex Legends and, man do we suck! Like, we’d be happy if one of us gets a kill or if all of us were able to survive for five minutes. Still, it’s quite fun and it keeps us sane when the amount of work we have drives us insane. But, as for me, I also play some other games so that I wouldn’t get saturated by platformers. Just recently, I finished playing Bravely Default for the 3DS. Overall, the game is great although the story and gameplay near the end are quite repetitive for me to consider not finishing it anymore. Then again, I finished it just so I could end the repetitiveness. After that, I’m still deciding what game to play next although, of course, my main focus right now is to work on our game.

Anyway, this is it for the blog post! After this, I’m gonna have to grind again. Then again, since I try to work efficiently, it doesn’t feel like the whole thing’s becoming a chore.