Hello our dear readers, with you the Founder/CEO/Project Manager of Wild Think Games. In this article I will let you know my point of view of managing a long distance team, you will be able to know about the challenges and joys of the Wild Think Games Company.

Managing a team is hard, is not for all people, it takes bravery, strength, kindness, empathy and above all patience. These concepts are for me the most important to manage a team and lead them to success.

But this is not all, for me to convince Pranav & Miguel to join the Wild Think Games Team, I had to be confident, convincing with telling them the objectives, explain to them how is it going to be, how are we going to run and of course how is the partnership agreement going to work.

From Bolivia to the Philippines and India you will get to know our work routine and how hard is to be working in distance and believe me when I tell you, it is not for all people.

Our short term goal is to work together under the same roof, this way is going to be easier for us to get the work done in less time and help us each other with the different problems which happen when you develop games.

The Challenges of a long distance work team

The first big problem we have is the time zone, I live in Bolivia which is 12 hours difference from the Philippines and 9:30 hours from India, when Miguel and Pranav are in the middle of their day, I am Sleeping. So… What is our solution? We manage this problem by having video calls in my mornings and in my nights which vice-versa with them. This means we need to have a good talk and define the tasks in a way that there are no doubts so we can work the whole day. Let me tell you this, it’s fun talking and have this type of meetings, we talk about everything, even about NBA, for example, a conversation between Miguel and I: Miguel: Yoh Beli, did you watch the match yesterday? Beli: Yeah man, I hate the Bucks, they won against the Celtics, I wish they f*”-*^g lose the next match.

Miguel: HA HA HA, you are a hater.

But yeah this is how we have fun, sometimes we play the three of us a game called Apex Legends, we suck at this game, but we have lots of fun, we’ve been playing it for a few months and between the three of us we’ve only killed like 4 times, I mean we suck, for real. If you want to play a game with us let us know and we can arrange a game day meeting.

Another problem we have is the response time and help time, for example, if I need something for Pranav in a short time, I have no more choice than wait for him to answer. That would be completely different if we worked together, we would produce more in less time, but for now, we manage to reach the goals and be happy and keep the passion.

Then, what next?

The next step for us is to be together, meaning working in the same room so the process of developing a game becomes more efficient and of course grow as a company. Plus, we want to do this in order to have more fun than we are having right now.

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