Labyrinth to the pencil and paper.

I am the lead game designer and artist at Wild think games. It was my parents’ decision to make the world call me Pranav Gaikwad was a wise decision though. Never did they ever thought of me turning into an artist that to a game artist.

Back in school days, the last few pages of our school books were quite important to me because that’s where all the education took place. It was an everyday thing of me getting detained for drawing mustaches and beards on the character illustrations we had on our school books. Who thought making fun of those pictures would inspire me to become an artist. I finally convinced my parents to buy me a drawing book so I could get a bigger canvas to draw on, and Eureka! My Passion was then discovered. The day I wouldn’t get to draw would taste like straw without berry. It took thousands of liters of ink and more than hundreds of papers to convince my desire of becoming an artist to my parents.

The future to me was merely an empty canvas and with vibrant colors of visualization and linear strokes of hard work, I decided to paint a picture of my future. I always have been looking for a source through which I could express my art in an immersive and engaging way which would not only give the viewers a pictorial reference but could make them interact, hear, sense, live and learn through my art. This one day a bee got stuck in my ear and whispered about how creatively I and my friend would make decisions to win the levels at contra ( If you are unaware of Contra, I have bad news for you). The bee turned out to be a messenger from God and I decided to bow to the orders and become a Game artist.

Get off that stupid box and study.
I was darn lucky to be introduced to Video games in my childhood itself because if it wasn’t, there was a high chance of me turning into turtle trying to chase a Panthera. The New Device was an investment my dad cluelessly did because I had been a good kid. This gaming device helped me choose a path that would not only bring inner peace to all my mental organs but to also live a stress-free and happy life.

Games like Double Dragon, Contra, Megaman would give me the motivation to be strong enough while games like Pacman, Tetris, etc helped me improve my focus and attention whereas games like Ice Climber, Donkey Kong, Mario taught me the lessons of determination through the “princess was always in the other castle”.

The day I confirmed my decision of becoming a game artist was the day I could feel myself getting possessed of immense power, I was going to be the god of thunder so I could generate my own electricity and keep the gaming consoles going on as long as I lived. Convincing my parents was as difficult as fighting the mighty Hulk. I emerged victoriously, was quite a rebellion I mean through dedication and hard work. My parents got me into a School from where I earned my B.A Degree in animations and VFX.

I worked as an Artist for nearly three years in technology and the gaming Industry. This period helped me improve my visualization skills and also gave me good exposure. Though I had a job I wasn’t satisfied, I was hungry for more education to build a better version of what I had become. So I was sent to Singapore with all those tears of farewell from my loved ones. I could see them all with their evil smiles waving at me as the joker waved at Batman on the day he escaped prison.

The School in Singapore was like a carton full of the same toy. Meeting like-minded people gave me a sense of comfort and were the place where I could deploy my ideas and watch them come to life. Mingling with my classmates enhanced my skills of visualization and a game designer was born. I learned game design and got allured by the designing process and decided to build a robot with a combination of an artist and a game designer.

I was introduced to Beli by a friend at a bar and we cheered to our relationship that evening. Singapore couldn’t have been memorable without Beli. We had the best time of our life and we decided to take our relationship to the next level by building an organization where we could make games with our ideas.
Miguel was a classmate and the best friend I had in Singapore. We couldn’t have had a better developer than Miguel for being kind, humble and hard working.
Our relationship got stronger as we decided to work together as a team and we infused ourselves with WildThinkGames.


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