The Wildness, just like a horse running free through the grass fields, with his hair disheveled because of the wind, running and running completely careless about the world. Happy as the kindest animal in the entire world, seizing every single moment of his day, the horse always follows his heart, he believes nothing can go wrong that way. Life is made to be happy and kind and most important wildly free. Wild Think Games uses those values to squeeze the juice out of life to make people happy. This article is about the amazing story of Wild Think Games.

All of us have the freedom to choose our paths, we decide everything in our lives, we have complete responsibility in all the aspects, we are responsible for what we do, what we think, what we talk. We are capable of turning bad things into good things, it all depends on how we control our thoughts and how we handle our attitude against them. But the truth will always be the same, nobody is responsible for you. So, live your life the best way you can.

That’s the reason why Wild Think Games Was born, it’s a dream we are chasing, it’s our hearts talking to us, it will be a difficult path but with a good quality of thoughts, controlling our emotions and most important, following our hearts we will be able to accomplish this dream.

We are two friends, we met in Singapore in 2018. Both of us were at the same institute, we were studying Game Design and Production, the difference was in our interest, we had completely different styles, my friend Pranav loves the art side of games, he is as creative as he can be, that’s why he is the Lead Designer in Wild Think Games.

Now me, as I have a bachelor’s degree in business my interests were quite different, I am more into management, I like to do project planning so our projects can have perfect execution. Adding to this I love the business part for every project, I think that if a plan is well executed, a project will be a success. Because of my background, I am the CEO and Project Manager of Wild Think Games.

We are proud of taking the next step in our path, we are happy to share with you this exciting news! Last week we began to develop an exciting game, a game with a story to remember and a message that we hope it touches all of your hearts. We will share the next news about this exciting developing and this wild dream we have.

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