We seize every single day with wildness, kindness, and passion for our lives, we love and we aim to see smiles in people playing games and enjoying life.

We always remember to Squeeze the Juice to Life.

Think Games, Wild Playing!

VR Whack The Clown

Immerse yourself into the arcade age and whack the clown the most you can for preventing him from getting out from the arcade machine and whack your dreams.

Life Revisited - Game Preview

This game is about taking care of each other. “Life Revisited” is about giving second chances.


LLAMA The Spitting Game

A Bizarre 2D Platformer Game: Spit & spit, spit everything in your way.

The more you spit, the more you enjoy the game.

 Be as Llama as you can be.


Blaster Point

In the not-too-distant future, aliens from the Planet Protus suddenly invaded the Earth, setting up bases in deserts and rivers all over the world. 



A game developed by Bro Techies and published by Wild Think Games.

Vompple it’s a game about avoiding different obstacles that the Bat encounters in its way, getting poison to have more power and giving the Bat the opportunity to be free.



A game designed for EXPEDIA GROUP and designed by WILD THINK GAMES.

A trivia challenge mode game created for an Expedia Group hotel convention in Las Bahamas.

Answer questions and do the challenges. 


Meet The Team

We are two friends, the two of us are very different, in fact, nothing alike but we share the same passion and objective.
That’s the reason we became wild thinkers, we enjoy every single day no matter what.
We all work around wildness, loyalty, goodwill. that’s what makes us different.

Bachelor’s in Business specialized in Videogame Design and Production.
My main interest is to create unique concepts with a great monetization opportunity.
My strength is the construction and management of work teams, as well as the planning and management of projects.
I just want people to have a blast playing games and the main objective is to create smiles.

Belisario Fosca Wieler

Founder / CEO / Project Manager, Wild Think Games

As a former mechanical engineer, I have strong technical, analytical, and project management skills which I obtained in my previous line of work. After studying game design, not only did I learn how to make games, but also how to program them. Combining my old skills with the new ones definitely helps me to think about how I can integrate any mechanic or feature, whether simple or complex, into the games we make.

Miguel Pagkatipunan

Lead Developer, Wild Think Games


15 + 7 =


Come and share about your passion! is the same from all of us.